Twin LED lights Drill Press

There are several big tool companies that make different types of press. Delta, and Northern Industrial are a couple of those companies. Delta has various models with different motor sizes including the ½ horsepower motor, the ¾ horsepower motor, and of course the 1 horsepower motor. Northern Industrial also has quite a few different models and varying motor speeds. There are a few other notable companies that produce presses such as: Craftsman, Wilton, and Powermatic. However, Delta seems to be one of the most popular.

I recently completed a side-by-side comparison review of 3 drill presses from three different manufacturers. The Powermatic 2800 PM was, by far, the most expensive I reviewed. The other 2 drill presses I considered are competitive with each other and list for about half the price of the Powermatic. I am discussing the 2800 PM as an example of what a drill press could be if money were no object. The other drill presses I reviewed were both very capable machines and would definitely do the job in an average woodworking shop.

This drill press features twin LED lights, mounted in the head that do not cast shadows, head-mounted twin lasers that pinpoint the drill point, a 16″ x 14″ table with twin T-slots that expands to 16″ x 26″ when needed to support large work pieces. The table tilts left or right 90 degrees with a positive stop at zero degrees. A large handle makes raising or lowering the table easy. An additional, unique feature that is included in the price of this machine is an adjustable split fence with a dust collection port. A fence is essential to production work so plan on buying or making one if you don’t buy this machine.

A drill press can be used for a lot more than drilling if you have the right attachments and accessories. These extra uses include sanding, grooving, and mortising. Mortise attachments are very popular, allowing you to drill precise mortises with your drill press. As with all major power tools that are purchased, one should make sure that the tool can be upgraded and serviced. Are there repair parts readily available? It is important that your drill press can be easily serviced when needed.

Link Building Tips

While SEO continues to change at an alarmingly fast rate, the significance of link building can never be underplayed. Link building works based on the simple philosophy of ‘recommendations’. So, what happens when you go out shopping and just happen to notice this new, classic jewellery shop? Unless you are a social mishap, you’ll certainly recommend it to your wife, friends and colleagues. When high quality websites link to you, they are saying a simple thing – we recommend you!

As a website owner, understanding this simple philosophy behind how link building works will go a long way towards enhancing the value of your online marketing and optimization efforts. While there are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways in which you can acquire links to your website, here are a few of the top link building tips:

a) Content is key – yes, content is an important part of any link building strategy. Get a blog website where you can share all the great stuff you know and write a killer blog post that offers more than just quality to the web space audience. This way, you can rest assured that other people who are interested in offering high quality content to their readers will be sure to link to your content.

b) Reviews & Mentions – place your website, products or services in front of influential bloggers

c) Partner Links – join partnerships in your own niche and link to each other’s website or products

d) Submit your press releases to press release platforms as often as possible. Also, make sure that you keep submitting your website to all the forums, directories and discussion boards where your niche audience is likely to see them.

The Problem with Plastic: The Harmful Effects of Plastic Materials on Health

There isn’t a household that doesn’t use plastic food containers. They’re cheap and durable. They make storing food easy. However, recent studies show that some chemical components of some plastics can cause serious problems. To protect your family from the serious effects of these chemicals, you should know what they are and what types of plastics have them.

Dioxins are toxic and carcinogenic substances found in most plastics. They are released into the environment during the manufacturing process of plastics and when these materials are burned. Aside from causing cancer, dioxin can affect the endocrine glands, interrupting the body’s hormone signals. Exposure to dioxin has damaging effects on the immune system and the reproductive system.

Phthalates are used to soften Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the plastic used in making cling wrap. When phthalates leak out of PVC plastic into your food, it can be dangerous especially to men. They lower testosterone levels, reduce sperm counts, and adversely affect sperm quality. In extreme cases, they can cause abnormalities of male reproductive tract and even testicular cancer. Young boys and developing fetuses are the most likely to be affected.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)
Bisphenol-A is found in polycarbonate bottles (including feeding bottles), eating utensils, microwavable oven ware, and metal cans. As the containers, BPA can seep into food and drink. Researchers have found that BPA disrupts hormone production and interferes with the body’s hormonal function. Among other things, recent findings have shown that BPA increases the risk for breast and prostate cancers. It can also cause brain changes which may lead to an early onset of puberty, behavioral problems. The substance is even linked to obesity and diabetes.

The US Food and Drug Administration insists that BPA is safe because only a minimum amount of the chemical leaches out of the containers made with it. However, some studies claim that 90 percent of people have BPA in their bodies at alarming levels.

Studies reveal that antimony can leach from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles into the water they contain. Newly bottled water has very minimal levels of antimony, but the longer water is stored in PET bottles, the higher the levels of antimony are likely to be. Exposure to antimony is linked to lung and heart problems, vomiting, and gastrointestinal disturbances.
If you are concerned about the alarming effects of plastics on health, you may want to look for other types of containers made from safer materials such as glass and ceramic. While recycling is good, it would be wise to avoid reusing plastic as food containers. You can always find other uses for plastic containers.

Make Bed Bugs a Thing of the Past!

Bed bugs are nasty creatures. They inflict bites that cause great discomfort. They can rob you of sleep. They smell horrible. They are also highly resilient which makes them very difficult to get rid of. They are some of the worst pests that you can have around the house.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a professional exterminator. Over-the-counter insecticides won’t kill all the bugs. The bugs that escape will just move to another location in your home. This will just spread the infestation to different parts of your home. While waiting for the exterminator to arrive, you can vacuum the infested mattress so you can get rid of the eggs. See to it that you empty the vacuum outside.

Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

Bed bugs can enter your home via your luggage, especially if you have recently taken a trip and stayed in a hotel. Check the hotel for signs of bed bug infestations. Usually, bed bugs leave their feces on mattresses. If you find small, dark dots on the mattress and pillows, it could be a sign that the hotel is infested with these pesky insects. If the hotel you are staying in is infested with bed bugs, move out immediately.

If you have experienced the horror of encountering these insects, make sure that you empty your suitcase outside your home so that these bugs won’t creep into your bed and upholstered furniture. You can also buy insecticide strips and pop it into a large garbage bag. Put the suitcase into the garbage bag and seal it. Stash it away for two weeks or more. The pesticide will kill the bed bugs which may have been hiding in the hard-to-reach places in your suitcase.

You can also use mattress and box spring encasements to keep bed bugs at bay. These encasements are made from impassable materials and can protect you from other allergens such as dust mites and dust.

Bed bugs love clutter. They breed and grow in untidy places. The clutter also makes it easy for them to move around your home. Make sure that you keep your home clean and clutter-free. Give away or throw away the things that you don’t use. Better yet, hold a yard sale and sell your thingamajigs. You can also sell them on eBay.


Warning: Don’t Take Nitric Oxide Supplements Without Reading This!

Bodybuilders take nitric oxide supplements to increase muscular endurance. However, some people shy away from using nitric oxide supplements because those who have taken them have reported some side effects. However, most of these side effects are temporary. They will go away once the body develops tolerance to nitric oxide supplements. Here are some of the side effects that some users complain about:

1) Gastrointestinal Disturbances – Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea are often associated with the use of nitric oxide supplements. However, these gastrointestinal disturbances are temporary and can be reduced if the supplements are taken with food.

2) Headaches – Some people who take nitric oxide suffer from headaches because nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels. Reducing the dose may help alleviate the pain. If the pain persists, a visit to the doctor’s office is in order. Taking pain medications for the headache should be under a doctor’s supervision.

3) Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure – One of the possible nitric oxide side effects is decreased blood pressure. Before taking nitric oxide supplements, one should make sure that his or her blood pressure is normal.

4) Changes in Electrolyte Levels – Research show that nitric oxide affects the electrolyte balance in the body. Those who suffer from kidney or liver disease should not take nitric oxide supplements. Anyone who is considering taking nitric oxide supplements should ask a doctor what should be done to maintain normal electrolyte levels in the body while taking nitric oxide supplements.

5) Increased Bleeding – While this is on the list of nitric oxide side effects, this is not really much of a problem unless one has a bleeding disorder. Those using blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and heparin should visit their doctor and ask if they could take nitric oxide supplements.

These supplements are safe and beneficial when taken in right doses. They should be taken according to the directions printed on the label. Those who have no history of serious medical conditions can go ahead and enjoy the benefits that nitric oxide has to offer. Those who have doubts should consult the doctor to see if nitric oxide supplements are right for them.